Tips To Help You Complete A Search For An Upcoming Home Purchase

The decision to buy a home is a big one, so the selection process for a home should be completed with attention to detail and a thorough check with due diligence. You don't want to buy the first home that attracts your attention, but you should complete a further evaluation of the home before putting money toward the purchase. Here are some tips to help you in your search to look for a home to buy.

Inspect the Home Exterior

As you go to look at a home for sale, you will want to schedule plenty of time to thoroughly get a good look at the home, inside and out. When you first arrive at the house, spend some time outside to get a good look at the exterior of the home. Many home buyers immediately go to the inside of the home and skip looking at the outside for more than a few seconds. This practice can cause you to miss some pretty important areas of the home's exterior.

For example, look up at the roof and its condition. You can get a good idea of the home's condition and age just by how it appears, whether the shingles are peeling up or evidence they have been patched with shingles of a different color. Also, look at the landscaping and the condition of the lawn and shrubbery. Look to see if the mulch is new and updated, or if it is old and unkempt. 

Check the Foundation

Next, be sure you look at the foundation around the exterior of the property and whether there are signs of cracks along the foundation. Look at the condition and appearance of the rain gutters and downspouts and where they deliver water. If the gutters drop water directly onto the foundation soil, this may indicate a problem with interior moisture in the home.

Look at Surrounding Homes

Don't forget to look at the street the home is built on. Are the other homes on the street in good condition, or are they run down? Is the landscaping in surrounding properties taken care of or are they in poor condition? Look at the activity on the street and what types of vehicles are present, such as if there are a lot of vehicles broken down or partially intact and parked on front lawns or along the curb.

The condition of homes on the street and within the same neighborhood will have a direct impact on a home's value today. Talk to your real estate professional about completing a neighborhood home comparative analysis to evaluate a home's value based on the area.

For more information about homes for sale, contact a local real estate agent.