Selling Your House On A Budget

If you need to sell your home but you don't have a lot of cash, you may be concerned that you won't be able to afford the whole process. From completing minor repairs and staging the home, to closing costs and buyer requests, you may think you need a lot of money to sell a home. The following can help you sell your home when you are on a tight budget.

Sell in the right market

If you have the option for when to sell, then wait until it is a seller's market. When homes are selling fast, buyers are more likely to overlook minor repairs and to cover extra costs involved in the deal. In a seller's market, you can usually find a buyer that is willing to cover closing costs. Another option is to sell during a hot investor market. If you can find a cash investor, you may be able to arrange for a "no contingencies" deal. This sort of sale usually doesn't involve inspections, because the investor will be remodeling and repairing, then reselling or renting the property. You may not be able to get as high of price from a no contingency sale, but you also won't have to worry about being handed a list of repairs you must complete before the deal can be finalized.

Focus on clean, not staged

Staging a home may be able to aid in selling a home, but it does add additional costs for the seller. As a seller, you will either pay for staging out of pocket, or it will come out of the profit from selling the home. If you are tight on funds, consider skipping the staging entirely. Instead, simply declutter aggressively and pack away any extraneous items that you can live without for the next couple of months. Then, deep clean the house so every surface sparkles. This will cost little more than time, allowing you to prepare the home on a budget.

Sell As-is

Do you need a new roof or have other major, costly repairs that need to be done? If you do and they are outside your budget, arrange for an "as-is" sale. When listing as-is, you are admitting there are some problems with the home but that the buyer will be responsible for these repairs. This will mean that some buyers won't be able to bid on your home. For example, those planning on FHA loans won't be approved. You will mainly be marketing towards buyers that are approved for conventional mortgages or cash buyers. It may take a bit longer to sell your home when selling as-is, but it will cut down on your financial responsibilities.

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