A Real Estate Agent Can Help You Understand The Process Of Buying Your First Condo

Any time you buy property, it's usually best to work with a buyer's agent so you have someone watching your back. It's especially important to have the help of an agent when you buy a condo. When you buy a condo, you buy more than a home. You're buying into a lifestyle and you also have to consider how well the condo association is run. Here are some things you want to look into when viewing condos with your agent.

The Leisure Activities Available

Condo communities vary with what they offer in the form of recreational activities. If you're retired and like to stay active, having golf or tennis on the grounds could be important. If you like to mingle by the pool, then a nice swimming area and poolside bar might be what you enjoy the most. If you have kids, then you probably want a playground and kid's activities on the property. When you work with a real estate agent that is familiar with all the condo communities in the area, they can guide you toward the best communities that match your interests and budget.

The Condo Association And Fees

The success of a condo community rests on how well the association is run and how well the funds are managed. You don't want to buy into a community that has financial problems or that has condo rules that everyone argues over. Get a copy of the association rules so you know what regulations you must comply with. Then, talk to residents to see if they are generally happy with the community. Find out about the reserve funds that are available for emergencies and if there are any additional fees you might have to pay your share of in the near future such as putting in a new pool that the reserve funds won't cover. Also, be sure to find out the amount of your monthly association fee because that will add to your housing budget. Find out what all is included in the fee, because if water and cable are included, then the fee may seem more reasonable.

The Condition Of The Property

Although living in a condo is a lot like living in an apartment, the condo association isn't responsible for repairs inside your unit. If an appliance is old and soon to break down or if there is water damage or any other problem in your unit, you want to know about it so you can decide if you want to sink money into repairs in a few months or buy a unit that has been well-maintained.

If you've never lived in a condo before, you'll probably have all kinds of questions about how the association works and what kind of additional costs you could have in the future years. One reason you want to find a real estate agent that is familiar with condo life is so you have someone to turn to for answers to your questions. To learn more, contact companies like suzanneprezio.com.