4 Tips For Staging A Home You’re Living In

Real estate buyers want to see themselves in your property — they don't want to see you and your family. However, when you live in a home that you are also actively trying to sell, staging your home to create a buyer-friendly environment can feel like a struggle. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make things easier.

1. Create A Command Center

Make a command center for family to store most of their everyday items, such as book bags, house slippers, and favorite toys. A small closet on the main floor or a bedroom closet are ideal locations. Creating a command center keeps these items hidden so that they aren't distracting when buyers come to tour your home. If you have a large family, invest in totes that can fit into the area so that each family member will have their own space; this can help keep the area more organized.

2. Remove Clutter

Take some time to declutter your home as much as possible before you begin showing your home. Clutter is a surefire way to turn off a potential buyer and a way to prevent the buyers from seeing the home through their own lens since there is clutter everywhere. You should also realize that clutter can also make a home look smaller than it is, which is a major turnoff to buyers. Whether it's a stack of magazines on the living room floor or old electronics that don't work, get rid of it all.

3. Have A Family Meeting

Talk to your family about what is going on, especially if you have teenage or older children. A family meeting is great because it lets your family know that buyers are coming to view the house and that it's important that everyone do their part to keep the house organized. If you have older children, you might even assign zones for each family member to keep clean.

4. Plan Some Activities

During the staging process, it's a good idea to plan some activities outside the house. It does not matter how much you clean and try to stay organized. If you're in the home often, there is going to be evidence that you still leave there when buyers come to look at the property. From a picnic in the park to an afternoon at the museum, try to stay out of the house as much as possible. 

Your real estate agent will be able to provide you with a wealth of knowledge about staging your home, so don't hesitate to ask your agent for help.